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The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Army Corps of Engineers have proposed the Waters of the United States rule (WOTUS) that will seek to clarify their respective jurisdiction and regulatory authority over navigable waters in our country as currently provided by the Clean Water Act.  Should this rule go forward, without Congressional intervention, it will empower the EPA to have nearly limitless oversight of ANYTHING that holds water and possibly even groundwater.  In other words, WOTUS could give EPA control over vast amounts of land currently unregulated and without influence or connection to current waters covered under the authority of the Clean Air Act.  The EPA rarely proves to be an effective partner with soundly managed production agriculture and an open ended federal rule to broaden the scope of the Clean Water Act will not be in our best interests.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, along with numerous other national agricultural and business interests groups, are seeking to provide sufficient commentary to EPA to leave no doubt for the folks at EPA, and our Congressmen and Senators, that WOTUS is not necessary and ambiguous expansion of federal oversight leaves more questions than answers.  Please take a few moments and enter your comments in opposition to WOTUS at the following website:

Click on the “Submit Comments Now” icon on the NCBA Homepage and you may either use the draft comments available on the website or personalize your own.  The goal is for 10,000 cattle producers nationwide to submit comments in opposition to WOTUS so the EPA gets a clear message that environmental stewardship is not taken lightly by the cattle industry, but must be regulated responsibly.


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The Virginia Cattlemen's Association was organized in 1944 and chartered in 1953 to promote the profit potential of Virginia's cattle industry. The early objectives of VCA were to promote more effective marketing from the farm to the consumer and to present cattlemen's views to the legislature on the state and local levels. These primary objectives provide the basis for most of VCA's activities today.