The Virginia Cattlemen's Association (VCA) was organized in 1944 and chartered in 1953 to promote the profit potential of Virginia's cattle industry. The early objectives of VCA were to promote more effective marketing from the farm to the consumer and to present cattlemen's views to the legislature on the state and local levels. These primary objectives provide the basis for most of VCA's activities today. In addition to marketing, VCA works for Virginia's cattlemen in many areas, including: media relations, producer information, sponsorship of educational seminars for cattlemen, administrative support for Virginia's Beef Checkoff Program, and coordination of activities with cattle related organizations in Virginia.

Industry Events

March 2019
March 10-Materials deadline for “The Virginia Cattleman”

March 11-SPAREC Fescue Workshop

March 16-Fairview Farms Bull Sale

March 17-BCIA Open House

March 23-BCIA Sale

March 23-Whitestone Sale

March 28-Wardensville Bull Test Sale

March 28-McCabe Genetics Sale

March 30-G&E Heifer Sale

April 2019
April 5-Pratt Cattle Co. Sale

April 6-McDonald Farms Bull Sale

April 6-MC Livestock Sale

April 6-Patrick Co. Ag Expo

April 10-Materials deadline for “The Virginia Cattleman”

April 13- Knoll Crest Bull Sale

April 13-Amelia Cattlemen’s Sale

April 13-CSF Cattle Co Sale

April 17/20-VA Beef Expo

April 17-Tucker Family Farms Sale
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April 27-Lazy Acres Angus Sale

MAY 2019
May 10-Materials deadline for “The Virginia Cattleman”

May 9/10-Cattle Handling Clinic

May 25/26-Cattle Handling Clinic