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  • State and Local Cattle Groups
  • Adults and Youth
  • Seedstock and Commercial Producers
  • Education and Universities
  • Allied Industry


  • Educational Scholarships
  • Youth Development & Career Assistance
  • Beef Industry Leadership Development
  • Research and Education Grants
  • Facilities Development
  • Industry Enhancement


The Virginia Cattlemen·s Foundation was organized to fulfill a need for the development of the total Virginia Cattle industry and its people The Foundation is a nonstock corporation duty formed under the provisions of the Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act. It is operated exclusively for Charitable, scientific, and educational purposes within the meaning of 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Consequently, gifts in support of the work of The Foundation are tax deductible as governed by the IRS.


The Foundation is operated exclusively to provide a mechanism for the procurement, management and disbursement of funds for the purpose of education, scientific discovery, leadership development and cattle industry enhancement and development.


The Foundation will benefit and support the entire cattle industry. This includes organizations, individuals, adults, and youth, with seedstock or commercial cattle and other related interests. The development or human capital as well as the cattle industry in its broadest terms are essential parts of the mission of The Foundation.


The funding or The Foundation will largely come from gifts contributed by individuals, corporations, and other foundations. Funds may also come from the proceeds of special fund-raising activities. Donors may designate gifts for specific uses. The Foundation's funds will be invested, managed, and disbursed under the direction of a nine-member board of directors elected to represent the diversity of the Virginia cattle industry and its people. Part of the income from investments will be used to fund worthy projects, and a smaller percentage will be placed back into the principal to offset inflation.


To fulfill the mission of The Foundation, categories of projects that may be fundable include:

  • Scholarships
    The Foundation serves as a repository for endowed and non-endowed funds for Scholarships, which are to be used for formal education beyond high School for youth aspiring to find careers in the cattle industry in its broadest terms
  • Youth Development
    Provide support for programs to assist young people in acquiring education and experience for placement and positions in the cattle industry and/or the broader field of agriculture.
  • Leadership
    Provide financing for youth, young cattlemen and cattle industry personnel to participate in state, regional, and national leadership development programs.
  • Research and Education
    Provide financial support through organizations or institutions for scientific discovery and producer/breeder education to bring about economic improvement and sustainability. The intent is to enhance both the seed stock and commercial segments of the industry. encompassing the areas of genetics, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, marketing, and management
  • Facilities
    Provide a means of financing Virginia's cattle organizations for the establishment of office facilities, museums, and feeding, marketing or educational facilities to enhance Virginia's cattle industry.
  • Industry Development
    Provide funding for the development of new and improved production, processing or marketing systems for the economic development of various segments of the industry.


Tax deductible gifts from individuals, corporations, and other foundations will serve as the primary source of funds for the Virginia Cattlemen's·s Foundation. Funds may also come from the proceeds of special fund-raising activities and grants. Donors may designate gifts for specific uses.


For more information about the Virginia Cattlemen's Foundation, and how gifts can be made, contact:
The Virginia Cattlemen's Foundation
P.O. Box 9
Daleville, VA 24083
Phone: (540) 992-1009